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Advanced Composite Parts

The sky is the limit. No project is too big or too small. Scion Aviation, LLC has experience with private, commercial and military clients. We will make your dream a's all about the altitude.

Scion Aviation, LLC specializes in the manufacture of advanced composite parts for the aerospace industry. We utilize the best advanced composite materials available. To request a quote, you may submit parasolid, .X_t, .stp or native UG, Solidworks or Catia files.

Scion Aviation, LLC uses trade secret technologies and processes to find the most cost and time efficient method for producing the tools you need. We determine your process needs, and determine which method will best serve to provide you with a finished tool that meets or exceeds your requirements. Our process equipment consists of several 3- and 5-axis CNC Routers and Mills, a computerized cutting table, as well as on-site Autoclaves. This equipment enables us to provide you with the most accurate tool possible, with a Class A Surface Finish.

Our engineers have a great deal of experience and expertise. From in depth research and honest advice, we have a diverse understanding of the aerospace industry.

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Consultation and Design

Scion Aviation, LLC specializes in the manufacture of advanced composite parts for aerospace industry. We utilize our experience, innovative technologies and our extensive knowledge of the aerospace industry to guide you through concept, design, build and final product.

Prototype Aircraft

Scion Aviation, LLC has the capability to design and develop prototype aircraft. Scion partners with several leading FEA and structural analysis companies to ensure that the aircraft designs are both attractive and aerodynamically and structurally sound. Using CATIA software, we are able to provide the highest quality design package from conception to production tooling.